Oceans Fade is a Seattle based music collective unified by their varied influences and unique approach to surrealism. Few bands are able to seamlessly move in and out of the lines of post-rock, electronic, dream-pop, and progressive music with both ease and conviction as Oceans Fade does. Taking the listener through a sonic journey with each song, their music is a match for fans of Radiohead, Steven Wilson/Porcupine Tree, Wolf Alice, Massive Attack and Tool; inspired by artists that aren’t afraid to challenge themselves or their listeners, through passion, art, and performance.


2017 EP “Eclisse” Listen on Spotify
2019 EP “Oceans Fade” Listen on Spotify


“Oceans Fade are trying to actually push the borders of “progressive” music by PROGRESSING (duh!)! Having worked with them on two EPs (that’s an album’s worth of music for you old-timers), it’s been wonderful watching them grow as writers and arrangers while remaining true to the strengths that made them interesting right out of the gate. They manage to combine many of the things I look for when seeking out new music to listen to – tricky but musical riffs played with authority, arrangements that take me on a journey, and vocals that pull me deeper into the song with each listen. I can’t wait to hear what they do next!” ~ Don Gunn, Producer/Engineer (Death Cab for Cutie, King Crimson, The Gemini)

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