Formed during the summer of 2017, this Seattle based rock music collective is complete by members Jeremy King (Guitar/Synth), Michael Cotta (Drums/Electronics), Kyle Robarge (Bass/Vocals) and Nina Wasankari (Vocals/Guitar/Synth).

Jeremy King (Guitar/Synth)

Jeremy’s non traditional approach to guitar includes distinctive melodies, both memorable and haunting, with a reminiscent feeling of youthful nostalgia as well as ambient chords and various other noises. He’s played with the Singing Rosenbergs, Five Minute Fall, Harbor, The Annunaki, Space Park and Sunken Rocketship.

Michael Cotta (Drums/Electronics)

Michael’s versatility combines originally composed electronic loops and textured sound effects with traditional, acoustic drums. Innovating modern drums, his distinctive style tastefully melds heavy grooves with mix of electronic sounds ranging from textural and spacey to melodic and industrial. Michael has been in well known Seattle bands including Metameric, Iris I and Camille Bloom.

Kyle Robarge (Bass/Vocals)

Kyle approaches the bass with dynamic personality, rhythmically weaving his melodic low end with integrity, intensity and drive. He’s been a member of, toured and performed with Austin bands My Jerusalem, The Calm Blue Sea, Murdocks, and Frank Smith to name a few.

Nina Wasankari (Vocals/Guitar/Synth)

Her vocal style is raw, ranging from powerful to soothingly moody, with a unique & sultry timbre that’s unconventionally playful and dynamically taps into a darker, deeper self. Nina’s a veteran singer/songwriter and has also been with Seattle bands Hidden Cove and Sugar Mama. During her time in New York she also composed original songs for the indie film Tangle Eye Blue with Moonshine Films under her NY stage name Nina Kari.